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Seventh Circle Artworks & Aesthetics is located at 10 St Mary's Row in Moseley Village, Birmingham. It is next to a Wetherspoon Free House called The Elizabeth of York.

Where is Seventh Circle Artworks & Aesthetics?

Seventh Circle Artworks & Aesthetics is located at 10 St Mary's Row, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8JG


In brief

Art gallery with contemporary art located in Moseley Village, opened on St Mary's Row in 2022. Framed art for sale on your walls. Opposite the no 1 bus stop at the Village Green.

Seventh CircleSeventh Circle on St Mary's Row, Moseley Village (May 2022). Photography by Elliott Brown



The placement of your artwork is almost as important as the artwork itself, therefore, we offer a curation and installation experience to help your collection achieve its full potential. We keep up to date with the latest interior trends and combine that with our technical expertise to ensure that you get that ‘wow factor’ every time you walk into the room!

As much as we’d prefer your artwork to also come from us, we don’t discriminate! You may have an existing collection that needs refreshing, or a loft full of unframed prints that need framing and curating. Just leave it with us and we will do the rest!


Contact details

Seventh Circle Artworks & Aesthetics

10 St Mary's Row



 B13 8JG


Facebook: Seventh Circle

Instagram: Seventh Circle

Project dates

28 May 2022 - On-going


Art; Culture & creativity, People & community


Your Place Your Space

Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520