Vehicle hire schemes in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Previously we had Car2Go in 2013-14. Voi e-scooter's from 2020-23, and West Midlands Cycle Hire from 2021. Users need to have an app to unlock the vehicle they will hire.

Car2Go (2013-14)

Car2Go had Smartcar's all around Birmingham during 2013 to 2014. Users had to pay and use an app to unlock the car. I think they were tracked on GPS.


Car2Go on Gas Street, Birmingham (August 2013). Photography by Elliott Brown


Voi e-Scooter's (2020-23)

From September 2020, the Voi's electric scooters were initially started in the City Centre, but they have spread all over the City, including to Moseley and Edgbaston. Most users have been riding them on pavements, but they should be ridden on roads only. The trial ended on the 28th February 2023.

Voi eScooter

Voi e-Scooter near St Martin in the Bullring (October 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown


West Midlands Cycle Hire (2021 to present)

Starting from April 2021, West Midlands Cycle Hire have installed bike hire docks all over the West Midlands county and are now available in all 7 Metropolitan boroughs. Some people have not been putting the bikes back in the docks when they are finished with them.

West Midlands Cycle HireWest Midlands Cycle Hire at the University of Birmingham near the QE and University Station (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown

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