Knowle Park, Solihull - A wonderful open space!

Knowle Park is in Knowle, Solihull. Is also Nature Reserves here.

Knowle Park is located on Longdon Road and Lodge Road in Knowle, Solihull. Knowle Park, Jobs Close Local Nature Reserve and Purnells Brook are all remnants of Knowle's historical past in the great medieval Forest of Arden. The park has a playground, car park, a pond and tennis courts. It is in walking distance of Dorridge Station.


History of Knowle Park

The park was once the grounds of Longdon Hall, and is located close to the historic Knowle Village. This area was once part of the Forest of Arden in medieval times. The nearby Jobs Close was named after Jobs Close House which was built in 1904 as a private residence. Solihull Council bought it in the 1940's and it was initially used by Cedarhurst Primary School, but was sold in 1957 to a charitable trust. To this day it has been used as a retirement home. The grounds of the house became a public park in 1960.

Knowle Park

The Retirement Home that was Jobs Close House as seen from Knowle Park (March 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown


The pond near Longdon Road is the largest of three former marl pits. There is an arboretum of trees that extends up to the car park along Lodge Road.

Knowle Park

The large pond at Knowle Park (March 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown


Purnells Brook runs through the park and is on the north west boundary of the nature reserve. In Saxon times it was the boundary between Knowle and Longdon manors.

Knowle Park

Purnells Brook from Jobs Close Local Nature Reserve at Knowle Park (March 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown


Spring at Knowle Park

Knowle Park

Daffodils at Knowle Park (March 2019). Photography by Elliott Brown

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